Flexible benefits for women engaged in the future of work

Browse our coverage for thirteen (13) flexible benefits:

For Independent Professionals

Have peace of mind with commercial liability and a financial safety net while you are unable to work due to injury or illness or in-between gigs to help address gaps in living expenses and every day needs.

Micro E&O Insurance

E&O insurance can be used when you become legally obligated to pay for damages and claim expenses as a result of errors or omissions from your work. This can be used as follows:

Investigation fees
Legal fees, costs, expenses
Employer damages

Income Protection

BellaCare provides a financial buffer to protect you hardest times. This helps you with income in the following situations:

Underemployment (in-between gigs)
Redundancy cover
Children care benefits

Savings & Investment

BellaCare allows you to use the earned interest from your account points to redeem or earn a dividend.

This allows you to save for your short, medium to long term income & wealth building goals, be it rainy days, dream holidays, non-invasive alternative treatment, holistic retreat, children’s education or retirement. Make your money work for you and maximise your potential returns with our Savings & investment account.

For Employers

Boost your work culture and saving money and time with less turnover. Adopt a framework for an inclusive work culture that reflects a commitment to supporting women and their families, which reduces the costs of replacing employees by 33%.

Group income protection

We ensure your financial responsibilities are well protected even at your employees hardest times.
This benefit provides replacement income if your employee is unable to work due to:

Short term disability
Employment redundancy


Child Care Shareplan can be used to provide income to a woman to support her Child Care needs such as:

Day Care
Nanny Care
Home Tutoring
Back to School Supplies

Return to work

Return to Work Shareplan provides a regular income to a woman returning to work after having a baby or taking a long career and provides for paying for:

Manager training
Career change retraining
Breast milk shipping
Childcare guides

Postnatal Care

Postnatal Care Shareplan can be used to provide income to a woman to support her postnatal needs such as:

Breast feeding care
Postoperative recovery wellness
Post delivery mother care
Personalized care
Emotional / Mental Counseling


Wellness Shareplan can be used to pay for Wellness Services to support her wellness needs and overall well-being such as:

Alternative & holistic treatments
Cryo therapy
Reiki / Energy healing
Emotional & mental counseling


Our Maternity Shareplan allows you to obtain coverage at the early stages of their pregnancy without the need for medical underwriting and can be used for pregnancy needs such as vitamins, classes, health visits, counseling or for a Doula:



BellaCare cares about your Fertility needs and provides a Shareplan which you can use to procure different infertility services such as:

Infertility counseling
Genetic testing
Fertility treatments
Egg freezing

Compassionate Days

Reimburses for additional expenses incurred for an employee in relation to a family member and can be used for the following:

Care for a sick family member(s) (child, husband/partner/parent)

Death of a family member

Reimbursement of some funeral costs

Mental Health Days

We offer a first-in-market mental health shareplan catering to your mental health needs, these include support for treatment and cover indisposed days as a result from the following:

Depressive Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Postpartum Depression
Bipolar Disorder


The Workcation Shareplan benefit covers reimbursements for additional expenses incurred for work related vacations:

Travel Health

The New B-School: Future proof your income & wealth

Without a roadmap or guidance, earning flexible income and building wealth can be overwhelming. Create your personal roadmap and get the tools used by business owners, C-suite and self-employed professionals to achieve flexible work status, reduce financial stress, and eliminate confusion. Access power briefs, mentor guidance and peer support.


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