The future of the female economy.

BellaGigs is on a mission to build the world’s best global community for women to work, live and prosper.

Company Profile

BellaGigs is an online job marketplace and fintech platform that connects female freelancers, professionals to clients, businesses and wealth building supporting diversity initiatives. We remove the guesswork to ensure the female economy is personalized, authentic, and sustainable. We uniquely leverage people-to-people technology platform to economically empower millions of women around the world to unlock access to equal pay and access to finance with short-term work and entrepreneurship. We also provide a medium for upskilling and tools for wealth creation, with the aim is to increase labour participation and uplift women as a strong economic force that can contribute globally to social and economic growth. ​

At BellaGigs, we focus on women, not just because it is the right thing to do. We focus on women because, women represent an untapped multi-trillion dollar global opportunity. Women deserve to be recognized for and own their wealth. Our mission is to help close the gender wage, wealth & leadership gaps by providing a platform & community designed for women to secure flexible remote jobs, advance their careers and build wealth on their own terms, allowing them to support themselves, and their families. Women deserve to be acknowledged for what they are: powerful, intelligent, resourceful, diverse, intuitive humans with their hands on the wheel of the global economy.

The future is most certainly female.

Our Manifesto explains how we see the Female Economy in 2025, why it is important to us, and what we are doing to achieve our goals by empowering women to fully participate in the Female economy.

Manifesto: Female Economy 2025

Women deserve to be acknowledged for what they are: powerful, intelligent, resourceful, diverse, intuitive humans with their hands on the wheel of the global economy.

Gender Inclusion

The lack of workplace parity between men and women cuts across every aspect of organizations. This is why gender diversity as a policy and strategy is important. We stand behind gender-diverse workplaces that lead to increased productivity, better lives, and better legal and economic rights.

Equal Pay

Globally women are paid 23 percent less than men, overworked, and as a result not motivated. The net result is women having less access to financial protections. We pledge to be a catalyst for change to stop unconscious implicit bias through occupational segregation and devaluing “women’s work”.

Career Independence

Women used to only have two options: lean-in which means being assertive in your career or leave the workforce. We pledge to provide a third option, the on-demand “gig” economy that gives women the flexibility to “have it all.” This is what women crave for to achieve a better work-life balance.

The State of Women

Aspects of the gig economy was designed to strengthen the “invisible advantage” men have at work and not currently tailored for women needs. We pledge to help women who have huge demands on their time and serve as a catalyst to evolve the gig economy to empower all women.

Minding the Gap

We pledge to help all types of women who desire to be empowered and work independently. To help women gain the tools critical to earn more, experience freedom and flexibility to set their own hours, acquire new competencies and become better stewards of their own wealth.

Female Gig Economy

We celebrate the advancement of women embracing the Gig Economy and commend those who have brought us such achievements. In honor of women who have taken the first steps in the buildinding the gig economy. Today we pledge to continue the movement and make a difference.

Founding Members


BellaGigs founders are veteran fintech entrepreneurs, investors and global innovation ecosystem leaders. This is a special initiative by Inova Foundation and Prohaus Capital who together have the combined experiences to break down gender bias, level the playing field of investing & wealth accumulation, break down the barriers of the second glass ceiling for women.​

For the last seven years, Inova Foundation and Prohaus Capital have led several accelerator programs and fintech platforms promoting female focused investing and business empowerment programs. These experiences inspired them to launch a single platform that promoted women entrepreneurship, finance and leadership.

In addition to increasing income and wealth through entrepreneurship, their vision is to bring awareness to the uncovered behaviors that affect women’s financial habits and provide highly personalized tools to break the ceiling for all women to achieve economic prosperity and well-being.

Invest with us.

In partnership with Beyond Capital Markets, we’re building a global multi-asset fund committed to supporting impact innovation through investments. Join and invest in global growth markets: Female Economy, Insurtech, Fintech, Future of Work & Wellness.


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