Flexible benefits for women engaged in the future of work.

BellaCare is a flexible work shareplan for re-inventing risk protection to advance women in the workforce. We offer new financial tools to earn, save, and invest.

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Introducing the Bella Wallet

In partnership with Inova Foundation, our smart finance wallet offers a convenient way to access payments and  flexible work benefits in one convenient place, with on-demand support at every stage of their journey.

Available Soon - Fall 2019

Contribute & Get Rewards

Sign up for a BellaCare policy that matches your budget. All contributions are doubled and converted into Care Dollars and automatically earn interest.

Earn & Grow Interest

Earn interest on everything in your wallet: gig income and shareplan contributions. Interest earnings are posted to your wallet every 60 days.

Redeem or Cashout

Use your wallet balance to redeem on BellaGigs, or cash out to pay for whatever your financial need, or do nothing to continue wealth building.

For cashouts just request a payout, minimum is $100. (If employer plan, we require proof of receipts). Borderless multi-currency payouts coming soon.

What We Cover

BellaCare provides coverage for thirteen (13) flexible benefits, easy for freelancers and employers to manage in one convenient smart finance wallet.

Independent Professionals

BellaCare for Individuals is a plan that helps you build your credibility, reduce your risks through micro error & omissions (E&O) insurance, provides you with an income protection buffer in times of difficulty while reduce health, all while automatically savings & investing to help you expand your income and wealth building goals.

E&O Insurance
Income Protection
Savings & Investment


Flexible work benefits are the new currency for attracting and retaining talent.  BellaCare has re-invented risk protection for the future of work, offering employers with flexible work shareplans that offer multiple benefits to retain and advance female talent without additional insurance hassles. We help companies reduce the wellness costs for what matters most to working women: childcare, job security and work-life balance.

Maternity Leave
Postnatal Care
Child Care

Return to Work
Income Protection
Compassionate Days
Mental Health Days

The New B-School: Future proof your income & wealth

Without a roadmap or guidance, earning flexible income and building wealth can be overwhelming. Create your personal roadmap and get the tools used by business owners, C-suite and self-employed professionals to achieve flexible work status, reduce financial stress, and eliminate confusion. Access power briefs, mentor guidance and peer support.


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Why choose BellaCare

Boosts work culture

BellaCare provides companies with a framework to adopt a corporate culture that reflects a commitment to supporting women and their families, which reduces the costs of replacing employees by 33%. 

Financial peace of mind

Flexible work benefits provides protection from commercial liability and a financial safety net while you are unable to work due to injury or illness or in-between gigs to help address gaps in living expenses and every day needs.

Enhance productivity

BellaCare ultimately helps businesses by boosting productivity which enhances profitability and the ability to save money and reduce employee turnover.

Work life balance

Mothers of young children may be able to take advantage of flexible childcare and caretaker benefits designed to assist with additional costs while you work.

Realistic wealth building

Financial freedom knowing you can save or invest towards a specific goal in mind or the opportunity to save for retirement as a freelancer is, as they say – priceless.

Dedicated Concierge

Get assigned to a BellaCare dedicated account manager to walk you through our seamless implementation process and on-boarding of employees and 24/7 chat support.

Try the future of women's work.

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